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The easiest Poker game Casino Poker that our place can offer. 

NBMinimumMaximumSide Bet
1$25$200$5 Progressive Jackpot


To begin, there are two bets you can make: Ante and Pair Plus. You can just bet one of them, or both. The Ante bet is a wager a player plays against the dealer, while the Pair Plus bet is independent of what the dealer has and is only a wager on whether or not your 3-card hand will have a pair or higher in it.

The Pair Plus wager loses if the player has less than a pair and wins with a pair or better, its as simple as that.
Once you’ve made your bets, you will receive 3 cards. If you made the Ante bet, you must now decide whether you will bet again that your hand is better than the dealer, or fold. If you fold, you lose your Ante bet. If you decide to play your hand, you place a bet equal to the amount of your Ante bet in the “Play” spot on the table.
After all bets are made, the dealer turns up his cards. The dealer must have at least a Queen high or better to play, otherwise he doesn’t “qualify” and players are paid 1 to 1 on their Ante bet, and take back their “Play” bet.
If the dealer’s hand does qualify, he will compare his hand against each player to determine the winner.

The ranks of hands from best to worst in three-card poker are:

HandPair PlusAnte Bonus
Pair1 to 1
Flush4 to 1
Straight6 to 11 to 1
Three of a kind15 to 13 to 1
Straight Flush40 to 15 to 1

If you win, you will get paid one to one on your Ante and Play bets. Additionally if your hand is a straight or better, you will get a bonus on top of the standard payout. The bonus applies to both the Ante bet and the Pair Plus bet.

Progressive Jackpot

An extra 2 cards will be distributed face down to completion of the player action. After, these 2 cards will be revealed and will complete the five cards mandatory hand in addition of your 3 original cards. Our $5 flat bet Progressive Jackpot on all of our Poker tables. 
The cards used to make up your Progressive Jackpot hand are your two-hole cards and the first three community cards only. 

Royal Flush & Straight Flush100%$500
Four of a kind: Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces25%$125
Four of a Kind other: 2’s to 10’s$500
Full House$250
Three of a kind$50
The Casino access is free, without specific dress code but under legal conditions:
  • Prohibited for people under the age of 18 years old.
  • Valid Passport to be presented at check-in, copies will be refused.
  • ID valid only for people with Italian nationality.
  • Egyptian without double nationality are not allowed to access the Casino.
  •  All plays are only in US dollars. All foreign currencies can be changed at the Casino Bank including commission. Egyptian pound is not allowed on play.
  • Management has the right to block access to any person with undesirable behavior at check-in.
  • It is not allowed to carry food or external beverage from outside. Any foreign bottle bought at Duty Free must be declared and registered on the official book.
  • Indecent clothing or swimsuits will be refused.

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