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Slot Machines

Our floor offers 83 machines of various brands, type and even a vintage “Coins” corner. Some of the most famous Video games, Jackpot, Mechanical, Electronic Roulette, Coins & Cash, all kind of thrilling games for your best pleasure.

51 cash machines, 28 coins machines & 4 seats Roulette Electronic at disposal 24/7.

Brands & Bet

Our slots wager are from $0.01 to $200.

The Gambee Electronic Roulette from $0.25 to $200.

Are available: Igt, Egt, Atronic, Gambee, Bally, Aristocrat, Magic Dream

Our team is fully dedicated to serve and inform you, and to make sure that your experience with us is at its best.

The Casino access is free, without specific dress code but under legal conditions:
  • Prohibited for people under the age of 18 years old.
  • Valid Passport to be presented at check-in, copies will be refused.
  • ID valid only for people with Italian nationality.
  • Egyptian without double nationality are not allowed to access the Casino.
  •  All plays are only in US dollars. All foreign currencies can be changed at the Casino Bank including commission. Egyptian pound is not allowed on play.
  • Management has the right to block access to any person with undesirable behavior at check-in.
  • It is not allowed to carry food or external beverage from outside. Any foreign bottle bought at Duty Free must be declared and registered on the official book.
  • Indecent clothing or swimsuits will be refused.