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Red Sea Marvel

When the Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt, Ras Muhammad was declared for protection from fishing and other human activities. Some of the fishing methods, such as using dynamite and knives were also impacting on the coral reef and the fish populations. In 1983, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) established the area as a marine reserve for the protection of marine and terrestrial wildlife. The park was also established to protect against urban sprawl from Sharm El Sheikh and other coastal development. The name literally means ” Cape of Mehammad”, where “head” in this instance means “headland”. It is said in the area that the name arose because in side view the contour of the cliff looks like the profile of a bearded man’s face, with horizontal hard strata providing the nose and bearded chin.

Red Sea Paradise

A must see for those who visit Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Muhammad is only 15mn away from Sharm El Sheikh.

Beauty all around, the magic spot for divers. 

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