Holdem Poker


Name Holdem Poker



Casino Hold´em Poker is based on the same concept of the Texas Hold´em Poker but allows the players to win against the Casino (for the rules just check Texas Hold’em Poker).


The bets.
After giving the cards the turns of bets start, after each turn of bet other turns will follow during which the common cards will be shown, each turning of common cards has a proper name:

– First turn of bets
– the Flop, turns 3 cards from the deck

– Second turn of bets
– the Turn, turns 1 card from the deck

– Third turn of bets
– the River, turns 1 card from the deck

The winner is the player who will get the best combination of 5 cards with the 2 cards in his hand and the 5 cards in common on the table.