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This game is one the most popular Casino Poker that our place can offer. 

NBMinimumMaximumSide Bet
4$5$200$5 Progressive Jackpot

How to play UTH?

The premise of Ultimate Texas Hold’em is simple:

  • Beat the dealer in a standard hand of Texas Hold’em

All of the standard hand rankings of Texas Hold’em poker apply although the betting works slightly different than a normal player vs. player round of Hold’em.

Once all the betting is done, the player and dealer compare hands and the best 5-card poker hand wins. The Ultimate Texas Hold’em player is then paid out according to the bets they made along the way and their final hand.

On the table in front of you (either live or online) you will see different betting circles:

  • Ante
  • Blinds
  • Play
  • Trips

To play a hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em you need to make at least 2 bets – the Ante and Blinds bet. The Trips bet is an optional bet you can make which pays out only if you hit certain hands.

The Play bet you can make in different multiples of your original bets at various points in the hand. Here’s how a hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em works:

  • Each player makes the two mandatory opening bets – an “ante” bet and a “blinds” bet
  • There is also an optional “Trips” bet players can choose before the deal
  • Two cards are then dealt face down to the players and the dealer
  • Once players have checked their cards they can choose to add on a “Play” bet at a value of 3x or 4x the ante bet
  • Players can also check and wait for the next betting round
  • Dealer then deals 3 community cards face up on the table. These are shared between players and dealer
  • If the player checked in the first betting round they can now make a Play bet worth 2x ante or can check again
  • Once you’ve made the Play bet you can’t bet again
  • After players have again bet or checked the dealer deals two more shared community cards in the middle of the table
  • If player has yet to make a Play bet (checked twice) they must now either fold (lose both their ante and blinds bets) or bet 1x ante

Once all the cards have been dealt and all Play bets made the dealer will reveal their hole cards and declare their best 5-card hand.

Dealer Qualifying Hand

Note: The dealer must have at least a pair to have a qualifying hand. if the dealer does not have a qualifying hand your Ante bet is returned to you. All other bets receive action.

After all the cards have been distributed and all extra Play bets made, hands are then evaluated based on the standard poker hand rankings. If you need a reminder, it would be smart to check out how the official poker hand rankings work.

Play, Blind & Ante Bets

  • If your hand beats the dealer’s hand: Play and Ante bets pay 1:1; Blinds bet pays according to scale
  • If the Dealer hand beats your hand: Play, Ante and Blind bets all lose
  • If Dealer fails to open: Ante bet returned to player
  • If the final hands are tied: All bets are a push

Blind Bet Payouts

Your Blinds bet from the beginning of the hand will pay you out according to the strength of your hand. This is regardless of whether it beats the dealer hand or not.

The minimum hand you need to get paid is a Straight. If you beat the dealer with less than a Straight, though, your bet is a push. Here is a standard payout chart for Ultimate Texas Hold’em Blinds bets:

Royal Flush200 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 1
Four of a Kind10 to 1
Full House3 to 1
Flush3 to 2
Straight1 to 1

Trips Bet Payouts

The Trips bet has a slightly more complex payout structure than the other bets. Bets are won according to the value of your hand regardless of whether your hand beats the dealer’s.

Each Trips pay table will likely be slightly different but a common one looks like this:

Royal Flush50 to 1
Straight Flush40 to 1
Four of a Kind30 to 1
Full House8 to 1
Flush6 to 1
Straight5 to 1
Three of a kind3 to 1
All Other1 to 1

Again, this is an optional bet you do not have to make before the hand starts to pay but can pay out an extra bonus, if you will, should you hit a big hand. The house edge for the Trips bet is usually around 1.9%.

Progressive Jackpot

You can find our $5 flat bet Progressive Jackpot on all of our Poker tables. 
The cards used to make up your Progressive Jackpot hand are your two-hole cards and the first three community cards only. 

Royal Flush & Straight Flush100%$500
Four of a kind: Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces25%$125
Four of a Kind other: 2’s to 10’s$500
Full House$250
Three of a kind$50

Additional rules :

  • Blind box are allowed but must be bet 3 to 4 times on play. Cards to be covered by the bet.
  • Player can fold but win on trips.
  • Communication of the cards before full betting is not allowed and may cause cancellation of the hand
  • Phones and cameras are not allowed on Poker tables top.

The Casino access is free, without specific dress code but under legal conditions:
  • Prohibited for people under the age of 18 years old.
  • Valid Passport to be presented at check-in, copies will be refused.
  • ID valid only for people with Italian nationality.
  • Egyptian without double nationality are not allowed to access the Casino.
  •  All plays are only in US dollars. All foreign currencies can be changed at the Casino Bank including commission. Egyptian pound is not allowed on play.
  • Management has the right to block access to any person with undesirable behavior at check-in.
  • It is not allowed to carry food or external beverage from outside. Any foreign bottle bought at Duty Free must be declared and registered on the official book.
  • Indecent clothing or swimsuits will be refused.

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